Agregaator Finished!

Last November I released a video of Agregaator intro riffs. After that I've been busy working on the full track. Agregaator started from an idea that I had recorded while experimenting sticking various objects between Stick strings. The main idea is prominent at various places in the piece: among othes, right at the start played [...]

New track: Sliced and Prepared

Initially I wasn't even trying to compose, I was just experimenting with preparing the Chapman Stick with various items that I found around the house and could fit under the strings. There were rubber and plastic tubes, springs, cable-ties, sheet metal, magnets, felt etc. Listening to the recordings next day, I felt that some of [...]

Tycho – Awake (Chapman Stick Cover)

This is my attempt at playing my all time favourite song from Tycho on the Chapman Stick.It's a minimal arrangement with just the Stick and drums, with a bit of help from 16th note delay. The original:

Topufall Arpeggios

I started this song during the summer vacation on a laptop with, using a limited selection of plugins and a computer keyboard. Later during the fall at my home studio it kept growing and eventually I got to recording the Stick parts as well. The middle long-note melodies are the Stick with e-bow and additional [...]

Exploring a Single Pattern – KaarLeek

This composition got started when I was sorting through my "ideas" folder and came up to an interesting rhythm made with beatstep pro.For the musos - the rhythm was just 1/16 shorter than 7/8 and because of that it started shifting against the basic pulse.I decided to base an entire composition around that. You can [...]