Agregaator Finished!

Last November I released a video of Agregaator intro riffs. After that I’ve been busy working on the full track.

Agregaator started from an idea that I had recorded while experimenting sticking various objects between Stick strings. The main idea is prominent at various places in the piece: among othes, right at the start played on a synth and at the very end in it’s original form.
The synth chords were derived directly from that arpeggio line.
The riff that’s present in the video was the result of me improvising over the main idea, trying to come up with a language of riffing on the Stick that involved both sides in more equal importance and function.

The rest of it was just more work to fill in other instruments and sections. In the intro, there’s some Stick with cello bow and eBow. The bass part is again played on the Stick. For the drums I decided to keep it acoustic this time as it seemed to fit the track better.

You can listen to the full track on bandcamp:

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