New Album Release – projektorn 1!

You can listen and get a copy (FLAC / 320kbit MP3) from Bandcamp:

The album is a selection of songs from the period 2015-2020.

My main instrument the Chapman Stick gives the album it’s own special color.
The Stick has a big role in every track although you might not recognize it immediately, even if you’re familiar with it’s sound, as it has been processed in various ways. In addition to tapping there are also sections with a regular bow and the eBow.

Previously unreleased song Punkt (Point/Period) that is also the most recent one concludes the album.

In addition to the Chapman Stick, I’ve done all synths, electronic drums, sequencing and programming as usual.

  1. KaarLeek Kaspar TORN
  2. AlgeRNon Kaspar TORN
  3. Paratamatu Kaspar TORN
  4. Pellet Kaspar TORN
  5. Raak Kaspar TORN
  6. Biitnik Kaspar TORN
  7. Punkt Kaspar TORN


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New Website

The facelift and responsive features were long overdue, but now it’s finally done. Some of the older posts and resources from the previous design that are not added in yet will be in time.

YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube channel now. Practicing my instrument takes a big part of my day, so when I decided to start making videos, it made sense to show exactly that. So you can expect to see videos of me playing sections of my pieces and exercises.

Exploring a Single Pattern – KaarLeek

This composition got started when I was sorting through my “ideas” folder and came up to an interesting rhythm made with beatstep pro.

For the musos – the rhythm was just 1/16 shorter than 7/8 and because of that it started shifting against the basic pulse.
I decided to base an entire composition around that. You can hear the 13/16 pattern mostly in the kick drum, but occasionally on the hi-hat, snare and other instruments.

There’s still Chapman Stick throughout the piece, more recognizably in the crazier part in the second half.

Listen and comment on SoundCloud