Tycho – Awake (Chapman Stick Cover)

This is my attempt at playing my all time favourite song from Tycho on the Chapman Stick.It's a minimal arrangement with just the Stick and drums, with a bit of help from 16th note delay. https://youtu.be/q-9SHr3ocH4 The original: https://tycho.bandcamp.com/album/awake

Topufall Arpeggios

I started this song during the summer vacation on a laptop with, using a limited selection of plugins and a computer keyboard. Later during the fall at my home studio it kept growing and eventually I got to recording the Stick parts as well. The middle long-note melodies are the Stick with e-bow and additional [...]

Delayed Gratification Etude

I've always been drawn to rhythms that have you tapping your head with one hand and rubbing your belly with the other. Here's I'm doing just that with 5/8 in one hand and 6/8 in the other. With a little help from the delay for tremolo-tapping the 16ths. https://youtu.be/zaj4anvW0Tc

Slayer on the Chapman Stick

Had a go playing a riff from one of my favourite Slayer albums: Divine Intervention.I think this arrangement fits the Chapman Stick really well.Drums are made with Superior 3. https://youtu.be/_-sBCxdNgKY

New KaarLeek Video with Projektorn

Met up with Projektorn at an ancient hall, played, acted and shot everything for this video - KaarLeek: https://youtu.be/zQUazKCMM7k Projektorn is: Jaan Liinat – drums and electronic percussion Kristian Sülluste – keyboards Risto Sülluste – bass Kaspar Torn (me) – Chapman Stick You can listen to the long version of the song here: https://kaspartorn.bandcamp.com/track/kaarleek-2

O3oon Available at Bandcamp and Record Stores

Peaceful non-Cristmas music, also featuring in the Estonian Television nature program Osoon - for a present or personal enjoyment. Available for download and in vintage compact disc format 😉 at Bandcamp: https://kaspartorn.bandcamp.com/album/o3oon CD is also available from these stores:Apollo bookstores https://www.apollo.ee/en/cd-kaspar-torn-o3oon.htmlLasering https://www.lasering.ee/o3oon-cd.html?___store=en... Biit Me Recordstore: https://biit.me/product/o3oon/ https://youtu.be/lhOqkoPxo_s

New Album Release – O3oon!

I'm happy to announce that my second album "O3oon" will be released next week - 2021.10.22.So it's coming out 3oon!"O3oon" is a collection of my music that provided sonic support for the ETV (Estonian Television) nature program "Osoon" (Ozone) during 2013-2017. The main instrument is again the Chapman Stick, enriched with effects and supported by [...]

Something Dark is Coming

Here it is finally, a video of me playing the Bear McCreary's Something Dark is Coming  from the Battlestar Galactica TV series.There are so many great cues in the Battlestar Galactica series, but this has to be my favourite. Because of the music in the BSG, Bear McCreary became also one of my favourite, if [...]

Kullaaugu 2020 Videos

I recently got hold of the audio tracks and video footage of our Projektorn Kullaaugu 2020 live.So as good way to look back to the wonderful festival, I edited a couple of videos for everybody to enjoy. https://youtu.be/D4GhgDfxb04 https://youtu.be/PHgunq7EsKU Video: Maris Tomba & Manivald Tamm

Now on Spotify et al

My new album "projektorn 1" now streaming at Spotify, Apple Music and others. https://open.spotify.com/album/3o9BLH7Bxtpvt6XwD57H8p https://music.apple.com/us/album/projektorn-1/1535217903 Follow if you like what you hear: