New Album Release – O3oon!

I’m happy to announce that my second album “O3oon” will be released next week – 2021.10.22.
So it’s coming out 3oon!

“O3oon” is a collection of my music that provided sonic support for the ETV (Estonian Television) nature program “Osoon” (Ozone) during 2013-2017. The main instrument is again the Chapman Stick, enriched with effects and supported by electronic rhythms and synths.

CD and download pre-order is available on Bandcamp:
Pre-order O3oon


Dirt and gravel roads of distorted guitars winding under clouds of reverb, pierced by the icy crisp attack of the Chapman Stick, taking you to a journey through northern narrative, where summers lack the night, while winter darkness seems to never end.

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