Kullaaugu 2020 Videos

I recently got hold of the audio tracks and video footage of our Projektorn Kullaaugu 2020 live.So as good way to look back to the wonderful festival, I edited a couple of videos for everybody to enjoy. https://youtu.be/D4GhgDfxb04 https://youtu.be/PHgunq7EsKU Video: Maris Tomba & Manivald Tamm

Projektorn at Kullaaugu

From left: Kaspar Torn, Jaan Liinat (in the shadows), Risto Sülluste and Kristian Sülluste. After a long period of composing and rehearsing the material, we gave our first performance with Projektorn at Argo Vals' annual music festival-party - Kullaaugu 2020. https://youtu.be/D4GhgDfxb04 https://youtu.be/PHgunq7EsKU The festival took place over 3 days from July 31 to August 2, [...]