Kaarleek Explained


The song began from an improvisation on the beatstep pro sequencer. Sorting through my “ideas” folder I found a drum rhythm that sounded interesting to me. Then edited it to the essential portion of it, also deciding where the the loop beginning and ending would be. It turned out to be a loop just 1/16 short of 7/8 (13/16), which makes a shifting loop if played over a steady 4/4 pulse.

The figure lands again on the strong beat after 4 repeats and on the 1 after 16 repeats.

KaarLeek main rhythmic figure
KaarLeek main rhythmic figure

I decided to base an entire composition around this rhythmic figure, adding different motifs over it and varying the instrumentation. Most of the time the figure is present in the kick drum and bass, but occasionally on the hi-hat, snare and other instruments.

In the section that might be considered the chorus, the figure is doubled by synth and the Stick with constant notes on the bass side and a more chromatic line in the melody.

Stick chorus in KaarLeek
Stick part using the figure in the chorus section

In the mid-part the Stick and synth have this crazy syncopated counterline to the main rhythm.

KaarLeek Crazy Section
Crazy counterline on the Stick and synth

You can hear the full song here:

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