Agregaator Finished!

Last November I released a video of Agregaator intro riffs. After that I've been busy working on the full track. Agregaator started from an idea that I had recorded while experimenting sticking various objects between Stick strings. The main idea is prominent at various places in the piece: among othes, right at the start played [...]

Agregaator Intro Riffs Video

Chapman Stick as an instrument is divided into two sides with different tunings. With this track I'm trying to reunite the sides by freely crossing over from one side of the instrument to the other. The sides are processed separately with identical effect chains, blending cleaner sound with the distorted. This allows to play distorted [...]

New track: Sliced and Prepared

Initially I wasn't even trying to compose, I was just experimenting with preparing the Chapman Stick with various items that I found around the house and could fit under the strings. There were rubber and plastic tubes, springs, cable-ties, sheet metal, magnets, felt etc. Listening to the recordings next day, I felt that some of [...]

Topufall Arpeggios

I started this song during the summer vacation on a laptop with, using a limited selection of plugins and a computer keyboard. Later during the fall at my home studio it kept growing and eventually I got to recording the Stick parts as well. The middle long-note melodies are the Stick with e-bow and additional [...]

Delayed Gratification Etude

I've always been drawn to rhythms that have you tapping your head with one hand and rubbing your belly with the other. Here's I'm doing just that with 5/8 in one hand and 6/8 in the other. With a little help from the delay for tremolo-tapping the 16ths.

Mixage Fou 2020

Over the years I've taken part in various composing / songwriting competitions. I've gradually faded them all out, but Mixage Fou (Crazy Mix) is the one that still remains.Not for the fame or glory neither the prizes, but just for the joy of creating something that I usually don't find the time for in the every [...]

Punkt Explained

The process for this song was a bit different than usually. The main idea came to me as a whole with visuals for an abstract video. When I sat down to record the idea, the specific notes weren't very clear in my mind, but I could record the overall arc and rhythm.I made a quick [...]

Biitnik Explained

Having just gotten a cello bow, I was eager to use it in a composition and this was the piece. I did mainly long overlaid drones with some melodical movement in one section. Also some whammy pedal action near the end that gives the air-raid kind of a siren sound. After the intro bowing section [...]

Raak Explained

I completed this one by Halloween and the mood of the piece is appropriately more menacing. Using one bassline / chord progression throughout I wanted the progression to be uneven, meaning shorter version alternating with the longer one. Chord progression in piano intro. Then I laid some melodies over it, making sure that I don't [...]

Pellet Explained

The main aim of the piece was to use polyrhythms. I first got the itch to do it in a minimal form, while listening to the The Dawn of MIDI "Dysnomia" album. But one thing led to another and I was again veering towards more elaborate. The polyrhythmic interplay between drums and and other instruments [...]