AlgeRNon Explained


This one got it’s beginning impulse from playing with the Antonio Blanca’s Reaktor ensemble Nod-e. You can hear the resulting figure right from the start with a synth, later doubled with a filtered sound on the Stick.

Arranging this melody for the Stick took a while and I finally settled on the variation where I use also my right hand thumb to play a note to get that harp like flow.

AlgeRNon Stick intro
Nod-e figure arranged for the Stick.

The other defining character of the song I find is the bass part that’s also played with the Stick here. It has some percussive elements that are produced with hitting the strings with either all the fingers or the thumb.

AlgeRNon Stick Bass.
Stick bass in the “verse”.

For the synth I wanted to use somewhat unusual chord progressions that still sound harmonious and logical. In the end they didn’t come that far out.
The naming of the chords is somewhat arbitrary, where some of the notes are omitted.

This is the progression in the first half of the song.

AlgeRNon Synth Chords
Synth chords in the verse.

Listen the full song here:

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