Mixage Fou 2020

Mixage Fou illustration

Over the years I’ve taken part in various composing / songwriting competitions. I’ve gradually faded them all out, but Mixage Fou (Crazy Mix) is the one that still remains.
Not for the fame or glory neither the prizes, but just for the joy of creating something that I usually don’t find the time for in the every day life.

The rules of MIxage Fou – create a composition 80s long max, using only the sound samples provided.
This time I tried to hold myself back and limit the material used.
The main idea started from inverting the meaning of the left-right samples and the rest is to create an atmosphere.

Mixage Fou 2020:

You can also listen and get earlier Mixage Fous from Bandcamp:
Mixage Fou album

Once the winners are announced I’ll add also Mixage Fou 2020 to the bandcamp album.

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