Paratamatu Explained


As the name partially hints, the inspiration to make this song was to use drum-set paradiddles. The paradiddles are arranged on the drumset on different pieces of the kit as well as other instruments in different sections.

Here are a couple of variations on the drum-kit.

Drumkit paradiddle 1
Drumkit paradiddle 2

The Stick also plays the paradiddles extensively throughout the song. The notes are divided between the hands, at the same time allowing different fingers to play the LRLL-RLRR paradiddle.

Stick paradiddle

The other main feature is the intro synth line that consists of just 4 notes that are played always in the same order B D Bb Db. Because the rhytm pattern that also repeats has a different length, the beginning long note of the pattern is a different one of the 4 with each repetition until it goes back to the beginning.

I’ve highlited the first notes of the rhythm pattern with red.

4 note synth figure

Listen to the full song:

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