Raak Explained

Raak illustration

I completed this one by Halloween and the mood of the piece is appropriately more menacing.

Using one bassline / chord progression throughout I wanted the progression to be uneven, meaning shorter version alternating with the longer one.

Raak piano intro
Chord progression in piano intro.

Then I laid some melodies over it, making sure that I don’t stay in the key with all of the notes 🙂

This is one of the melodies along with chords played in unison with piano and the Stick.

Raak unison melody 1
Unison melody 1.

The other melody, with a more piercing sound in synth and the Stick.

Raak unison melody 2
Unison melody 2.

Both of the previous melodies have variations, so they don’t appear the same way each time.

Also there’s a shortened even time signature version with modulation full tone up from the main key.

Raak modulated melody.
Modulated melody.

Listen to the full song:

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