Biitnik Explained

Biitnik illustration

Having just gotten a cello bow, I was eager to use it in a composition and this was the piece. I did mainly long overlaid drones with some melodical movement in one section.

Also some whammy pedal action near the end that gives the air-raid kind of a siren sound.

After the intro bowing section the Stick has a part with a bitcrusher effect that gives this geiger-countery-radioactive sound.

Stick with bitcrusher
Stick with bitcrusher

For the synth the aim was to create a part where one could just tweak the filter and resonance knobs. So I used some arpeggiated chords in the second half of the piece.

Holding just a couple of notes the arpeggiator did the rest.

Synth notes for arpeggios
Synth notes for arpeggios
Arpeggiator output
Arpeggiator output

With the Stick I play arpeggios in Felix Martin style, although in a much modest way. The last 2 bars are a variation that I only play live.

Biitnik stick arpeggios
Stick arpeggios

A video of me playing the arpeggios slow and fast.

Listen to the full piece:

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