Punkt Explained

Punkt illustration

The process for this song was a bit different than usually. The main idea came to me as a whole with visuals for an abstract video.

When I sat down to record the idea, the specific notes weren’t very clear in my mind, but I could record the overall arc and rhythm.
I made a quick sketch for the music of the first half of the piece and video right after (using my nonexistent video skills with the nonexistent tools), all in one morning.

Only then I started thinking, what I would do with the Stick.

The Stick part that comes after the intro consists of 5 over 4, which makes every other repetition land on the up-beat. There are some low accent notes that come every 4th time.
What also makes this section special, is the hand switch in the middle.

Stick part after intro
Stick part after intro.

The other sections and refining was a more laborious process that took place during the next months and was also interrupted with the Corona action.

Here are some two handed chords the Stick is good at.

Stick chords
Stick chords.

Listen to the whole song:

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