AlgeRNon Explained

This one got it's beginning impulse from playing with the Antonio Blanca's Reaktor ensemble Nod-e. You can hear the resulting figure right from the start with a synth, later doubled with a filtered sound on the Stick. Arranging this melody for the Stick took a while and I finally settled on the variation where I [...]

Kaarleek Explained

The song began from an improvisation on the beatstep pro sequencer. Sorting through my “ideas” folder I found a drum rhythm that sounded interesting to me. Then edited it to the essential portion of it, also deciding where the the loop beginning and ending would be. It turned out to be a loop just 1/16 [...]

New Album Release – projektorn 1!

You can listen and get a copy (FLAC / 320kbit MP3) from Bandcamp: The album is a selection of songs from the period 2015-2020. My main instrument the Chapman Stick gives the album it's own special color.The Stick has a big role in every track although you might not recognize it immediately, even if you're [...]

New Website

The facelift and responsive features were long overdue, but now it's finally done. Some of the older posts and resources from the previous design that are not added in yet will be in time.

YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube channel now. Practicing my instrument takes a big part of my day, so when I decided to start making videos, it made sense to show exactly that. So you can expect to see videos of me playing sections of my pieces and exercises. Watch and subscribe

Exploring a Single Pattern – KaarLeek

This composition got started when I was sorting through my "ideas" folder and came up to an interesting rhythm made with beatstep pro.For the musos - the rhythm was just 1/16 shorter than 7/8 and because of that it started shifting against the basic pulse.I decided to base an entire composition around that. You can [...]